11/11 Mythic – Get Me Out Of This Fucking Expansion

What a mess. The whole expansion felt like the grind fest that everyone shit on games like Aion for being. We decided to keep playing the game, but we were marred by never getting the legendaries we wanted, class balance being garbage, required classes/mechanics/immunities, or melee getting entire fights where they didn’t have to do mechanics. I had never before watched an expansion of this video game grind the life out of people who enjoyed the game for years. I personally fell into a despondency about the game as a whole. I couldn’t care as much because the game content was balanced to guilds who split and had best in slot legendaries and perfect compositions. Being a fire mage without bracers made playing feel like a punishment. I am sure other classes and players felt the same. It really stuffed up the paths to enjoyment for the video game in general.

Players moved on, long time members, short term members, both to other guilds and to life. I wish all of them the best of luck in their future endeavors. I learned a very important lesson even just in the last 3 pulls of Argus before the boss died. It is much more enjoyable for me to just be able to have fun and shoot the shit with my friends than to bury myself under a mountain of expectation.

I’m sure that our roster will look very different for the new expansion, but at least I can hope, and hope dearly, that the game will be put together in a way such that guilds like mine are not punished for trying to play the game the way we want to play it. Teams should not be punished for not wanting to split or play a bunch of extra nights outside of raid time.

We still have hope for the next expansion, and we still have each other. As always, thank you to all members of OBSCURE REFERENCE past and present.


Cytoma – Assassination Rogue
Vigilantii – Frost Death Knight
Andalus – Holy Paladin
Evilmonky – Holy Paladin
Elbob – Blood Death Knight

Tier Highlights
Archer the Orb God
Sniping the Canadian with Rage
Return of the Murder Bear